Tallahassee – Adopted

Retired & Adopted
January 2010

Audree Dipasqua

Rest in Peace

Pittsboro, NC
We adopted Tallahassee/AKA Tallie about a year ago after her 1st adopted mother passed away. She has been a blessing!. You see!, we had just lost our Scottie of 15 years to intestinal cancer.  Tallie, has been such a character in our home. We have 2 cats, and had a Yorkie (14 yrs old). We lost our Yorkie to lymphoma about 4 months ago. The youngest cat (Sam) follows Tallie around the house like Tallie is her mother. Tallie is spoiled rotten of course. She waits by the door every night for my wife to come home from work to take her for her walk. She loves to ride in my truck & hang her head out the window. You can’t go faster than 38 MPH though because she will give you the look. Tallie loves peanut butter & will only eat it if my wife feeds her from a spoon. She is the only lap dog we have ever had & will sit or lay on our lap until she has a hot flash  and gets down to cool off. Tallie sleeps on the bed at night between my wife & I & likes to sleep on the bed during the day while we are at work. Tallie is now 12 years of age and such a lady.  She loves getting dressed up in her outfits and loves her treats. Here are some pics.