Winchester – Adopted

Retired & Adopted

March 4, 2012
Bob & Liz Koplitz

Manorville, NY

Winchester had THREE Christmas trees and he is totally fascinated. He knows which toys are his and what things are just decorations.
Don’t know if I told you but he is incredibly good with senior citizens.  We take him with us every week when we visit my sister in law in the nursing home. He lets everyone adore him so we are putting him through the AKC Canine Good Citizenship program to have him certified as a therapy dog. He is in week six of a twenty week class and he is doing great. We are very proud of him. He is such a gift!

Hi Mr. Schwarz, I hope you are feeling better.  If your friend wants a wonderful Westie, tell him to contact Cindy and David Erickson.  They own and operate Arrowhead Acres, 10560 Lake Royal Road, Spring Hope, North Carolina, 27882.  They are wonderful people.  Cindy’s email address is .  I cannot say enough about these people.  They are responsible breeders and they gave us our wonderful Winchester!  We will always be grateful to them.  They have puppies and may or may not have older dogs available.  That you will have to speak to Cindy about.