Pat and Katie – Adopted

Pat & Katie

We are now enjoying our second West Highland Terrier retiree from Arrowhead Acres. Our first was a male named Buddy and our first dog. He was a sweet, devoted little boy and we loved him so. He lived a good life to 15 1/2 years with us. Two months before Buddy left us, we had the opportunity to get Katie, another retiree from Arrowhead Acres. Katie is a well behaved, sweet natured dog. She is a wonderful house pet, who does not shed and has great behavior habits. She has been a very healthy dog and of the highest quality in breeding. I also got a baby female for my grandchildren from Arrowhead and she is just a delight, with all of the qualities I have mentioned above. I will always be in touch with Arrowhead for Westies for our family and any friends who are interested.

Pat Fogleman
December 2006