Shipping Your Westie

Westie Puppies for Sale


We here at Arrowhead Acres have had nothing but success stories concerning shipping our puppies. Even in cases of delays, rerouting etc. our babies have arrived fed, watered and for the most part clean and happy.

The puppy buyer is responsible for all charges associated with shipping the puppy. The charge is $575. These charges include airfare, vet check, health certificate, trip charge, and travel crate, that the buyers use for crate training and travel.

All flights originate from Raleigh/Durham International Airport (RDU). United is our airline of preference because as in all airlines the puppy is in the cargo area having access to the same climate controlled air the passengers have. The one thing United does that other airlines do not is pick the puppy up from the tarmac as soon as the flight lands in a climate controlled vehicle. The pets are not put on the luggage cart and transported from one flight to another or to the pick up destination. For this reason United has no temperature restrictions. This is the reason other airlines have temperature limits designed for the safety and comfort of the puppy while on the tarmac.

The flight is normally easier on the puppy than on the expecting parents. I do not tranquilize my puppies!!! To make the puppy as comfortable and relaxed as possible their crate is lined with paper for absorbency and filled with shredded paper for security and comfort. Inside the crate is a feed and water dish in case it is needed in route. Attached to the top of the crate is a small bag of the brand of kibble we use. We do this mostly so the buyer can use this food until they can purchase a bag of our brand of food (TLC Whole Life Dog Food) or gradually switch the puppy over to a food of their choice. It is also there in case of a delay the puppy can be fed. This gradual change in food help prevent tummy and urinary tract upsets.

We only ship on Thursdays. We make the flight arrangements and handle on the details. We will need the name, address and phone number of the person picking up the puppy if different than the buyer. Before a puppy is shipped we provide the buyer with a flight itinerary and airway bill or confirmation number. The buyer will need this number and picture identification to pick up the puppy. The area that the puppy is picked up at the buyer’s airport will differ according to arrival times, weather etc. Included on this page are some letters and pictures concerning some of our babies that have been shipped.

We provide a service of meeting new puppy buyers at the Raleigh/Durham Airport if it is decided that you would rather fly in, pick up the puppy and fly back home on the same day. The puppy does have to be 8 weeks old and will fit in a soft sided pet carrier under the seat. Most airlines do not require a health certificate or other documentation for puppies flying in the passenger cabin but please check with your airline of choice. This is provided for $100.00. If a health certificate is required for the airline you choose, that charge will be an additional $50.00

We also provide a personal delivery service also. Our puppies generally delivered anywhere within a 400 mile radius from our location. Our normal rate is $50.00 per hour, round trip. Shipping a puppy is $575.00.  Some people are just not comfortable with shipping their puppy on a plane. Each of us, as well as our husbands, love to travel and we love meeting our future Arrowhead Acres Westies families in person.

Our puppies have been hand delivered as far North as Buffalo, NY., as far South as Miami, Fl., as far West as Wyoming and as far South West as Dallas, TX. We can deliver anywhere in the US if we have enough puppies going in that general direction to cover the cost for a motel or campground and other expenses. We have modified a room in our camper into a transport area that is climate controlled and provides a safe, comfortable place for us to haul multiple puppies at once. This is a service we provide. Even if we have 2 puppies getting off at the same stop the price is the same for each individual owner. If you fly with 20 people on a plane or travel on a bus and get off at the same stop the charge is the same for everyone on board. This service we provide works exactly the same way. We get some perks with our delivery service. We get to see the US and meet some of the most amazing people and the new owners of our Westies, adults and puppies. If you are interested in us delivering your new Arrowhead Acres Westies puppy to your town or meeting you half way, let us know.