Sweet Pee and Sophie – Adopted

Sweet Pea – Sophie

Hello, my name is Lucy Sauls, and I would like to introduce you to our two Westies, Sweet Pea and Sophie. They mean the world to us and bring us joy every single day. We got them from Autumn Acres now Arrowhead Acres, owned by David and Cindy Erickson, and could not love them more.

Sweet Pea (the one with the green collar) just turned eight years old and we have had her since she was two. We got her because she was having difficulty carrying her puppies to term and Cindy did not want her to go through this again so she decided to “retire her”. The last thing in the world we wanted was a dog in our house. We were experiencing sadness at the time and felt we would not be a good family for any dog, let alone a “retired puppy”. Somehow, with the help of Cindy’s daughter, Wendy, who felt we were the perfect family for this pet, Sweet Pea ended up in our home to spend a week. Talk about falling in love with a dog, we were mush. She responded to us immediately and was so affectionate and loving. She became a member of our family within a day of her week’s stay and we treasure her. We have always referred to her as the “perfect Westie”… we believe it, and that is what is important, right?

Sophie (the one with the red collar) came to us as a much older dog. We wondered if this would make a difference since she was older than our dog, perhaps affecting their relationship. We were concerned about Sweet Pea’s reaction to having another dog in the house to share our attention. We did not need to worry. Sweet Pea accepted Sophie as a playmate and they bonded within days, after the initial curiosity wore off. They even find it comforting to rest side by side after a vigorous playtime. We have even noticed how they search for each other when the other one is not in sight.

We do not know what we would do without these precious Westies. They have brought such pleasure and we are sure our lives are extended because of them, and perhaps vice versa. If and when something happens to these pets, we would not hesitate to accept another “retired” Westie from Cindy. She loves her dogs and we will always be grateful to her for letting us have them.

Selby & Lucy Sauls
August 2006