Chelsea and Prissy – Adopted

We first became acquainted with Cindy and David’s West Highland White Terriers when they were know as Autumn Acres. We answered an ad in the Raleigh paper. My husband was not familiar with Westies, but I had experienced ownership of them in the past and had longed for another one. Chadwick was our first Westie we bought from Autumn Acres. I knew when we bought him I would want a female to go with him, so I had already picked out a name for her, Chelsea. A year after we bought Chadwick we got on the list for a female. They were producing more males than females and were keeping the females for breeding, so Cindy offered us one of her retired breeders. Prissy was a very sweet, docile Westie and immediately stole our heart. We had many funny and heart warming experiences with her learning to be a pet and living in a home, but she was easily house broken and very shortly fit right into our lifestyle. Another year passed and we purchased another female puppy so we got our Chelsea.

They have all blessed our lives and been a joy to be a part of our family. Chadwick is now almost 12, Chelsea is 9 and Prissy at the age of 15 1/2 went on to Rainbow Bridge in September 2002.

We already have our next two Westies named that we plan on purchasing from what is now known as Arrowhead Acres.

Over the past 10 years we have become very close friends with the Ericksons and know their love of the Westie breed and the quality of their dogs.

Andrew & Gerry Burke
October 2006